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Do Czech doctors speak English?

It is crucial that patients and physicians can communicate properly. PMI only hires physicians who are fluent in the English language or we make sure there is someone English speaking close to you. Many of them have worked in clinics in the USA, UK, France or Ireland. Most of the members of the hospital staff can also speak English, but you will be individually familiarized to your doctor by a representative of PMI.

Is Czech Republic in the EU?

The Czech Republic is a member of the EU since May 2004. EU principles are applied here just like they are in other affiliate states, which mean that there are no transportable or trade constraints between the EU and the Czech Republic.

What currency do I use in Prague?

The official currency of the Czech Republic is the Czech Crown (CZK), although Euro can also be utilized in some places. You can find out the exchange rate for Euro on the left-hand side of our homepage. Our partner clinics accept credit cards, and some also accept Euro. However, you will need Czech crowns for food and shopping. You can bring cash to exchange your money in Prague; our representatives will assist you with that.

Can I claim treatment costs against tax?

If you are paying taxes in Ireland, you can also claim that tax back on several particular featured procedures. We will send your doctor the appropriate forms to confirm after the treatment is done. After we receive the confirmation, you can claim your tax refund online, but make sure that you keep your receipt as proof. For further details, please refer to http://www.revenue.ie/en/tax/it/leaflets/it6.html or communicate your local tax office. Patients reimbursing tolls in other states might also be eligible. Please inform your local tax agency and settle with them.

Can my private insurance cover for Eye Surgery?

You are undergoing a private treatment in Prague, Czech insurance companies don’t cover your treatment at private clinics. Please see your local insurance company to find out of your company covers your treatment.

Do I need special travel insurance?

If you are a member of the EU, you should have your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). However, this insurance does not cover you in every circumstance which is why you need to purchase travel insurance to cover any emergency medical/non-medical expenses. Travel insurance is not compulsory, but it will offer financial assistance in case of any accident during your stay in the Czech Republic.

What is the minimal length of stay in Prague?

The period of your stay depends on your treatment. If you are having a dental treatment you only need to stay a day, for eye surgery you must stay for 3-10 days and 1-2 weeks for plastic surgery (if you want to undergo all controls and stitches removal here). Some treatments may require more check-ups and longer rest. Your pre-operative examination, surgery, and final check-up are all done within one stay, so you do not make multiple trips to Prague. But while you are in Prague you should enjoy the wonderful city.

How many times will I fly to Prague?

The pre-operative examination, surgery and final check-up for most treatments are done within one stay, so you do not need multiple trips to Prague. Dental implants require two visits to Prague as implantations are done during the first visit and implants for crowns are placed after three months. You need to stay for six days during the implantation stage; the second stage can be done over a weekend.

Is there something I should not do before my surgery?

There are not different restrictions that you have to follow before your surgery unless you are given special instructions. It is recommended that you do not take vitamin C tablets and blood diluting drugs (e.g. Aspirin) for several days before the surgery.

How do I pay for treatment and other services?
  1. Deposit – You can make an advance payment for the selected medical procedure and payment for additional services. The deposit is paid once your booking is approved and is also a condition for a binding contract between you and Praga Medica. This agreement confirms that your medical procedure and other arrangements are properly booked and reserved. The deposit is the only payment required before your arrival.
  2. Payment for medical treatment – You pay the clinic directly for the selected medical procedure before arrival, this lessens the advance payment part of the deposit. The amount is settled before your treatment begins.

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