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Varicose Veins Treatment Cost


With a variety of surgery options available to treat varicose veins, the varicose vein treatment cost differs on the type of surgery the patient chooses.

With the imbalance in the working of the valves in veins placed in the legs, the structure of the veins get disturbed and thus happen the varicose veins for which you need to undergo the surgery in extreme cases.

Your surgeons will decide if you require varicose veins surgery or the condition is easily treatable with the medications.

But how much a normal varicose vein treatment costs?

In the Czech Republic, the most popular plastic surgery destination in the world, the varicose veins surgery will cost you around $200 to $2,200 depending on the type of surgery and the spread of problems across the legs.

Here are some effective varicose veins treatments our expert doctors recommend to the patients with the condition.

These treatments include both surgical as well as non-surgical methods.


This comes under the non-surgical methods of the varicose veins treatments and mainly performed on minor damages. A special foam is used in the damaged veins and treated.

Endovenous laser treatment (EVLT)

The most popular and minimally invasive procedure across the varicose veins surgery world is EVLT. A thin cut is made in the vein and a small tube is then inserted to close the vein properly. This treatment mostly uses ultrasound guidance.

M.O.C.A – ClariVein Method

Mechanical Occlusion with Chemical Assistance or just MOCA uses the Laser and RF to cure these veins. 

VenaSeal Vein Glue

The most advanced method to cure the damaged veins, this treatment uses medical glue which is known as VenaSeal and seals the affected veins. The glue gradually gets absorbed by the body and this procedure is known to leave no scars on the body whatsoever.

Well, all these surgeries are easy to get done with and leave minimal scars on the legs.

For these treatments, you would need to stay only a day at Prague but if you want to explore the beauty of the city, we bring you a short guide on a medical tourism opportunity which lets you explore the Prague and surroundings with extra costs.

The costs of the surgeries include: 

  • Expert opinion and surgery by a certified vascular surgeon
  • Diagnostic ultrasound scan
  • Full assistance when you are in Prague

You can avail of different kinds of finance options for the surgeries and there might be some insurance providers that will help you recover you better with financial help through their special quotas.

You should consult with your insurance provider for this surgery if they are covering it.

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