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Two types of problems lead to face reconstruction. The first is related to aging, and the objective is to rejuvenate the face, which is done by a cervicofacial lift. The second has to do with aesthetics, balancing different structures of the face to give a more beautiful look, rhinoplasty does this.

There are many causes of the deterioration of the tissue in the face such as sun, tobacco, stress, insomnia, natural aging, and heredity factors. Medical conditions such as wrinkles, slackening of the skin, pigmentation problems, acne, blotchiness, and scarring also force a skin to drop its sparkle and became less secure.

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These problems are more important in this time and age as life spans increase people have to be more active and dynamic. People often turn to medical and aesthetic surgery techniques which give effective, reliable and natural looking outcomes but also don’t provide limitations.

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