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Are there waiting times?

There is no waiting time. Our clinic has a database of available donors that are ready for donation, to save valuable time. Also the first consultation with the doctor can be within couple days.

What is the success rate at the pmi centre?

Our success rate is higher than 48-50%, we have new statistics every year.

Up to what age can a woman undergo fertility treatment in Czech republic?

The law states that we are not allowed to handle women over 50 years. On the day of the transfer, the woman cannot be older than 49 years and 364 days. Otherwise, it is impossible to continue the treatment.

I am single, and I would like to be treated at your centre.

Official couples, whether married or unmarried women with partners can receive treatment at our clinic. They will have to sign our treatment documents as a confirmation that they will be the parents of their future unborn baby. In the Czech Republic, treatment for single women and homosexual couples is prohibited by the law and is not offered by our clinic.

Can I choose the sex of the embryo that is transferred?

No, this is not allowed according to Czech law, however, if your family history links to disease that affects only one gender, you can then have only the other gender tramsfered.

I underwent egg retrieval, and now my stomach is swollen, and I feel pain in the lower abdomen.

When the eggs are retrieved, it is common for a woman to feel likes she has a bloated stomach and abdominal pain. These symptoms are caused by the previous hormonal stimulation to develop more eggs; this phenomenon is a moderate degree of OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome). Increased protein intake (cheese, yogurt), and liquids (4-5 liters of fluids a day) are necessary to deal with this condition. Isotonic drinks and complete rest are also helpful. If the pain is high and persistent, make sure you have an ultrasound check by a physician as well as blood tests.

I underwent an embryo transfer and have some spotting.

Spotting after embryo transfer does not necessarily mean that the procedure has failed. Spotting is normal, however if you are bleeding (just like normal period or more), please, see your doctor immediately. It is recommended to complete pregnancy and an hCG blood test (bets-hCG) if you are vleeding after 14 days after the embryo transfer.

When can I take the first pregnancy test?

You should take a pregnancy test (urine) 14 days after insemination or embryo transfer. IF you take the pregnancy test too early, it can give a false negative because the test reacts to some degree of hCG in the urine. It is rare to get a false positive so you can celebrate when the test is positive. We recommend that you test your urine in the morning because the hCG concentration is higher then.

Can we have sexual intercourse after sperm insemination?

Yes. In fact, it is recommended to have sexual intercourse in the evening before insemination. Afterwards, sexual intercourse cannot invalidate a possible pregnancy.

Can we have sexual intercourse after embryo transfer?

It is recommended that you wait for at least seven days after the embryo transfer but there are no studies for this conclusion.

We have frozen embryos that we do not intend to use at our clinical centre: we would like to donate them.

It is not possible to give embryos to another couple due to sophisticated genetic testing, although it is possible to donate embryos for scientific purposes and the development of embryology. You can also choose to destroy the embryos, for which you would need to fill out the following forms: “Consent to a donation of embryos for research purposes or the development of embryology” or “Consent to the elimination of surplus embryos”. Both parents must prove their identification with an ID card or passport when delivering the embryos to the I scare clinical center. If you live far away you can send your consent by mail, but your signatures must be authenticated by a notary. Otherwise the consent forms will be invalid, and you will be unable to donate or destroy the embryos.

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