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Gastric Plication

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Gastric plication

The latest surgical treatment for obesity is gastric plication. During this laparoscopic operation, the part of the stomach is folded inside and secured by two rows of stitches. Plication is similar to the folding of a pancake. By this procedure, the inner volume of the stomach is reduced to about one third to one-quarter of the original volume. The patient fills this modified stomach with a small amount of food, so even after a small portion, a quick feeling of satiety arises.

The complete package in Gastric plication


BMI index higher than 35

Hospitalization at the clinic

2-3 nights at the clinic

Minimal stay in Prague

2-3 nights at the clinic + 2-3 days in Prague


All-inclusive price 3 500 EUR.

What is included in the price?

  • surgery
  • anaesthesia
  • medications
  • consultation
  • guarantee
  • diet plan
  • airport pick-up
  • accompany during entire stay, etc.
What is not included in the price?

  • pre-operation check-up
  • hospitalization
  • accommodation in Prague
  • flight tickets


The procedure is performed laparoscopically, i.e. with just a few small punctures. We diminish stomach volume by folding its wall (rolling up) inwards. This process ensures the stomach reduction and we secure the stomach with cross stitching, non-absorbable sutures or special clips.
It is not necessary to introduce (implant) any other material, which represents an undoubted advantage of gastric plication. It is also not necessary to remove a large part of the otherwise healthy organ, as it is for example in the case of a similar surgery for obesity treatment – so-called gastric sleeve resection or sleeve gastrectomy. The whole stomach remains preserved after the plication. The other possible advantage of this kind of surgery which results from this fact is the possible return to the original state (reversibility).

After the operation

The patient gets up from the bed in the evening after the surgery. However, he is not allowed to either eat or drink. He receives everything important intravenously. On the second day, the patient starts to drink pure cold water sip by sip. Gradually the patient also receives added milk and broth too. If there are no complications, the patient leaves for home treatment on the second or third day after the surgery. After this, in the first week after the surgery, the patient takes only a liquid diet. In the next four weeks the patient eats blended food, and after this period he is allowed to change to normal food, only paying regard to the dietary recommendation. The period of incapacity for work is approximately 2-3 weeks. An appropriate part of the treatment is physical activity, which is not overly restricted after the operation.

It is important that the patient with gastric plication cooperates with the clinic and keeps all dietary restrictions. Above all, it is very important not to overeat, otherwise, it may cause overfilling of the reduced stomach, powerful vomiting and serious complications. It’s also important to thoroughly chew every mouthful and avoid certain risky foods (undercooked chunks of meat, orange pulp etc.). Violations of these rules may again lead to serious health complications (excessive food intake and violent overeating can damage stitches and will restore the original volume of the stomach). The effect of the surgery can thus vanish. It is advisable to eat at least five meals a day and to reduce extremely fat food

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