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Arm Stabilization

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Arm Joint

Arm stabilization and rotator cuff operation

In the shoulder joint, where the dislocation – luxation (most often a sport or traffic accident), the front part of the joint with the rim is torn off. Thus, the retention capacity of the well is weakened and may then result in repeated “dropping” of the joint, the shoulder becoming unstable. This case has to be solved operationally, when the severed part of the edge of the well and the torn joint case are attached back to the original place. Exercise will be performed exclusively by arthroscopy from two or three incisions in the ND. Detached tissues are refined using special anchoring elements (anchors or eye bolts). Another significant structure in the shoulder joint is the so-called rotator cuff. It is a complex of flat muscular tendons that provide movement in the shoulder.

Since these tendons move in the shoulder between the head and the lower part of the collarbone and the overweight, they are irritated in this narrow space by movement in the shoulder.

Very often, in the place where the irritation is greatest, develop degenerative changes that may result in the inflammation of these tendons and their interruption. In that case we are talking about the rupture of the rotator cuff. If surgery fails to calm down with conservative treatment (rehabilitation, ointments, sprays, etc.), surgical treatment is indicated. The rotor cuff rupture operations are among the most demanding performances in arthroscopic surgery. It is necessary not only to sew the tear edges of the cuff, but also to fasten them to the bones of the head of the hind leg, in order to restore the movement which is allowed by the tendon muscles of this rotary cuff. The operation takes place through several incisions (often 5-6), because several stitches are needed. The stitched cuff is then re-attached to the bones by special anchors or eye bolts.

Performance Parameters

Operation time: approx. 120 minutes (depending on power)
Length of anesthesia: 150 minutes
Length of hospitalization: 2 days

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