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IVF Cost

Compared to any other fertility treatments, IVF is indeed a little bit expensive treatment but holds better success rates. While you will find IVF cost in Prague cheaper than any other place in the world, you might want to consider that these cheap costs don’t address the poor quality treatment. 

Although becoming a mother is a beautiful emotional thing more than to compare it with the cost it comes with, you really need to find the reasonable cost in this process.

At Prague Medical Institute, we have hundreds of women willing to become mother every year; most of them are from the United Kingdom. So, what’s the real reason behind women to be travelling from abroad to the Czech Republic just to have an IVF treatment? Is it the IVF cost in the UK? Let’s find out something about it…

How much does IVF cost in the UK?

An average cost of IVF in the UK is around $4000 to $6000 depending on the various factors, risks and complications involved in it.

Well, it looks cheaper but the cost is per cycle which improves the probability of success if more. This means, if a couple is not able to conceive in the first cycle, they are recommended to have another cycle and wait for the success in other rounds.

How much does IVF cost in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic in Europe has been known as a home for the infertility treatments. Prague, the capital place of the Czech Republic is home to many such clinics and healthcare facilities where fertility experts are providing proven methods of fertility procedures to people around the world.

The Prague Medical Institute is one of the best clinics you will ever find for IVF treatment at reasonable IVF cost in Prague.

What do you get at Prague Medical Institute together with IVF Treatment?


You and your partner have to travel to Prague, a beautiful city in the Czech Republic. We recommend you not to have any kind of stress while you are touring. At your first consultation, we will provide you with information on which flight you will have to take, the route, and information about accommodation etc.


At Prague Medical Institute, we will help and guide you for the best accommodation for you both while you are on the visit to the clinic.


While there is so much time between your appointments, you get a chance to explore the beautiful surroundings of Prague and the Czech Republic. This is a great opportunity for you to avail medical tourism for you and your partner.


Treatment through expert English Speaking surgeons who have hands-on experience in offering you different kinds of IVF treatments. The type of treatment will be decided after we examine you in person.

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