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facelift surgery

Facelift Surgery:

Rhytidechtomy or cervico facial lift is very effective treatment when it comes to minimizing signs of aging on the face and neck. Signs of aging include less prominent cheekbones, hollow cheeks, jowls, sagging of contours of face and neck, deep wrinkles and folds, collapsed eyebrows and slack skin on the neck.

Depending on which level of rejuvenation and which exact area you have chosen to get the lift may me mini (limited), partial (neck, temples, and cheekbones) or more extensive one.

The incision for a cervico-facial lift is made at the root of the hair till around the ear till the base at the hairline. So it doesn’t show, and normal social activity can be resumed immediately.

During a facelift surgery lift excess fat around the face and neck are removed by using liposuction. The underlyped tissue is repositioned, and the deep layers or the face, especially the muscles are treated, the skin is the reapplied, and excess skin is removed.

While you are deciding to have a facelift surgery abroad, you should ensure that you have done complete research about the treatment and have a thorough understanding of the expected outcome.

What do you get in facelift package at Prague Medical Institute?

Hospitalization at the clinic

1-2 nights at the clinic

Minimal stay in Prague

1-2 nights at the clinic + 1-2 days in Prague


All-inclusive price from 1500 EUR.

What is included in the price?

  • surgery
  • anaesthesia
  • medications
  • consultation
  • guarantee
  • airport pick-up
  • accompany during entire stay, etc.
What is not included in the price?

  • pre-operation check-up
  • hospitalization
  • accommodation in Prague
  • flight tickets

Facelift Surgery Animation

Who is a good candidate for facelift surgery?

Aging causes a lot of saggy skin in the midface. The loose skin and deep creases majorly change the person’s features as it causes the face to look tired and older than it is.

Facelift surgery is performed primarily on clients older than forty to achieve a younger look. The excess skin is removed, and major wrinkles are smoothed. The operation significantly improves the jowls and neck area.

There are many different forms of activities to reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin. It is performed either as a full facelift, which involves the area below the eyes and neck; or as a mini facelift, comprising the mid-face area while omitting the neck.

If necessary it can be combined with eyelid surgery and a brow lift. Natural facial features are specially preserved to maintain a natural look.

How should you prepare yourself for facelift surgery?

You will need to take some time off work to get the required rest post-operation. During the recovery period, you will also need support and help from family and friends as you will not be able to do physically demanding jobs, attend social events, etc.

In case you have young children you might also need to arrange child care. Make sure that you don’t have any acute sickness, such as a viral illness or cold, for at least three weeks before your scheduled temporal lift surgery; please inform us in case it does occur. No medications were containing acetylsalicylic acid, such as Acylpryin, Aspirin, Alnagon, Mineral, etc., should be taken a week before the operation. Such medicines are blood thinners which may increase bleeding during and after the selective facelift surgery.

If women are taking hormonal contraception or replacement, they should stop doing so a month (minimum two weeks) before the temporal lift to prevent thromboembolism. Bring your usual medicine and pills, if possible in the original packaging. Smokers are encouraged to stop or at least considerably reduce smoking two weeks before the operation, and make sure you bring nicotine patches with you. It is required to wear elastic garments after the procedure which you can buy from the clinic or bring your own.

We would recommend that you buy them after consulting your surgeon to decide on which size and type are most suitable for you. Ideally, women should not have their period during the operation but in case they do, they should inform their doctor.

How a facelift surgery is performed?

The underlying tissue structure is tightened, face and neck skin is redraped, and excess skin is removed. The incisions are made near the temples, extended around the earlobes and back to the hairline; this allows the scars to be hidden by hair and in inbred lines. The fullest facelift treatment involves the redraping of skin behind tragus.

During suturing dissolvable or non-dissolvable stitches are made; dissolvable stitches are absorbed by the body naturally resulting in fainter scars, non-dissolvable stitches need to be extracted after about two or three weeks.

A mini facelift is suitable for a small decrease of jowls. It has a shorter incision, shorter scar, less mobilization of the skin, little swelling and faster recovery.

The surgery time is also shorter. It is often combined with upper and lower eyelid surgery. For three weeks following the surgery an elastic garment will need to be worn.

How does the facelift surgery work?

Facelift surgery takes approximately two hours and is done under the combination of local anesthetic and intravenous sedation (analgosedation). The client can also request a general anesthetic.

What is the care to be taken after facelift surgery?

The customer needs to stay at the clinic here in the Czech Republic for two nights as there is regular checking of the patient’s state and administration of medicine. Rest is critical and head movements have to be minimized for a week till the bandages are removed. Any movement of the mouth such as speaking and laughing should be limited in the immediate post-operative period.

Sudden movements and bending forwards should also be avoided as they may cause high blood pressure in the head, this can result in a vessel rupturing and bleeding. It is advised to only eat pureed or liquid food in the first few days after the treatment so that you can eat without moving your mouth too much. Swelling usually disappears within two or three weeks after the facelift surgery and the scars fade within three to six months.

What might be the possible complications of facelift surgery?

There will be a lot of discomfort in the first few days of your facelift surgery abroad – Prague, but it gets better with each passing day. The skin may feel dry and rough for several months, and the swelling can distort the face leaving it looking and feeling strange.

Non-observance of the post-operative instructions can result in post-operative bleeding, bruising, swelling, numbness, tightness and tenderness of the skin for two weeks or longer. It can also result in an imperfect effect. Men need to shave behind their ears, where the beard-growing skin is repositioned.

Beware of the cheap facelifts in abroad, which might land you in troublesome reactions and complex risks.

How to get back to normal after rigorous facelift surgery?

Following uneventful recovery after facelift surgery, it is usually possible to return to work and resume usual activities (excluding exercise) within two weeks of the operation.

Result of a facelift surgery

The result of the facelift surgery is remarkably noticeable and lasts around ten years. Before and after pictures here in the gallery.


You can also combine an eyelid surgery or forehead operation with your facelift to achieve your ideal look. Jowls liposuction can also enhance the result of a facelift if there are major fat deposits in the area.

Why choose a facelift surgery in abroad – Prague?

  • Fewer Costs: You get at least half the price of what is being offered in other areas than Prague.
  • Privacy: We maintain the utmost privacy of your procedure.
  • No Waiting Time: Experience shorter waiting times.
  • Specialist Surgeons: Get the surgery and support from internationally known specialist surgeons.
  • Vacation: Get a chance to explore Prague and its beautiful surroundings while you are on your medical tour to the Czech Republic.

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