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Facial Fat Transfer

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facial fat transfer

Volumes of the face usually change due to aging, so it is often beneficial to restructure it especially around the temples, cheekbones, in the cheeks and under the eyes. Lipofilling restructures the face using the patient’s fat by removing it from some areas and implanting them in other parts of their face. This has a better and more natural outcome than implants or fillers.

Since it is autologous fat the patient’s face does not reject it or have an allergic reaction. Using ultra-centrifugation the harvested fat is divided into different types of fat cells.

They are then transplanted to the body tissue since they adjust perfectly it is undetectable. Using this method the hollow region in temples can be filled, the chin can be extended by injecting fact and cheekbones can be made more prominent. This simple procedure results in more improvements in plastic surgery by giving more durable outcomes.

The complete package in Facial Fat Transfer

Hospitalization at the clinic

0-1 night at the clinic

Minimal stay in Prague

0-1 night at the clinic + 1-2 days in Prague


All-inclusive price from 1600 EUR, it depends on the body area to be corrected.

What is included in the price?

  • surgery
  • anaesthesia
  • medications
  • consultation
  • guarantee
  • airport pick-up
  • accompany during entire stay, etc.
What is not included in the price?

  • pre-operation check-up
  • hospitalization
  • accommodation in Prague
  • flight tickets

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