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Breast Reconstruction Surgeries for Men

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Breast Reconstruction Surgeries for Men

Fuller breasts are considered a symbol of a woman’s beauty. However, the same kind of breast enlargement in men is a strict ‘no-no’. Many men due to some kind of hormonal changes face augmentation of mammary glands. Sometimes, this can also be due to the accumulation of fat in the particular area which gives a fuller look to the breasts. A brief knowledge about this very common ‘male boobs’ can give you more confidence in dealing with it.


This natural change in hormones like estrogen and testosterone takes place in almost around 70% of males during their puberty and is marked to be normal. We can also find a kind of short term gynecomastia in small babies due to accumulation of the mother’s estrogen in their blood which tends to vanish after a time span. Many aged men also face this issue of enhanced mammary glands because of

  • Aging
  • The effect of certain drug combinations
  • Drugs and steroids
  • Excessive alcohol intake.


This kind of problem in men has several symptoms like:

  • A rubbery yet firm mass underside the nipple area.
  • Swollen mammary gland tissues.
  • Tenderness in the breast area.

Men that are conscious about their enlarged breasts can get benefitted from the breast reconstruction surgery treatments like gynecomastia or male breast reduction surgery which is performed by the best cosmetic surgeons in UK.


In most cases of enlarged breast tissues in males, during their puberty, goes away automatically and becomes normal. This requires a close observation for over a period of around 6 months. Thus, this hardly requires any kind of medication or surgery and gets to normal with time.

In males whose breasts tend to persist even post puberty period, require male breast reconstruction surgery. This is commonly known as Mammaplasty or Gynecomasty. This surgery can take place in both males and females. In females, this is performed to reduce the size and shape of the breasts while in males; it is to provide a flat chest contour by removing the breast like appearance.

The Surgery

Initially, an ultra sound is performed and based upon the ultrasound test results, the surgeon can plan the surgery. This is followed by incisions around the mammary gland and the areolae. If this surgery is combined with liposuction, a small tube is inserted through the small incisions and the extra fat is drained out gradually. At the end of the surgery both non-dissolvable and dissolvable stitches are used. The non-dissolvable stitches need to be taken out and the dissolvable ones get absorbed in due course of time.

Post Surgery Precautions

Since it is not a major surgery, it is performed in a minor OT or an outpatient department (OPD) with some local anaesthesia to minimize the sensation of the surgical pain. The patient may be released after the surgery with some drains that would be removed after a day or two. A few restrictions in physical work are required for some time to get complete recovery from the problem at the earliest. Complete bed rest may be prescribed for the first few days for a fast recovery.

Gynecomasty is a boon to the men with breast tissue. At Prague Medical Institute (PMI), the cosmetic surgery prices are much more competitive. The price of Gynecomasty at PMI starts from 1815 EUR!

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