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A Roadmap to Safe and Definitive Modern Facelift Surgery

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A Roadmap to Safe and Definitive Modern Facelift Surgery

Rhytidectomy is a clinical name for the facelift procedure. It’s a procedure used to reduce the presence of wrinkles on faces as well as other important signs of facial ageing. 

The main goal of rhytidectomy is to improve the appearance of the face and apparently jaw. 

The facelift procedure is used to help reverse the dreadful effects of time, stress and other dangerous elements. 

To derive this procedure, a facelift surgeon will first lift and then tighten the muscles underneath of the face to create a more aesthetical appearance to rejuvenate your complete facial structure. Then the surgeon may remove the excess pockets of fat and skin that are contributing to aged and tired skin on the face.

Major facial changes due to age and other surrounding factors around us are skin laxity, volume loss, and uneven skin tone or texture.

There are numerous homegrown, surgical as well as non-surgical options available to bring back facial rejuvenation including the popular one, Facelift surgery.

What are the non-surgical options for facial rejuvenation?

Many patients interested to have facial lift surgery procedures will first try a non-surgical treatment like laser resurfacing, botox or dermal fillers.

It’s known that tone and texture cannot be changed surgically, laser resurfacing with carbon or Fraxel treatment is an awesome way to smooth and brighten skin and target acne scars or other pigmentation.

Also, the dermal filler will provisionally restore contour and volume to the face while Botox can relax muscles to diminish wrinkles and other fine lines.

But, don’t set yourself on these non-surgical options to achieve a better facial structure. Constantly maintaining, spending, and fleeting may cause many patients to get a condition called ‘Needle Fatigue’. When this happens, plastic surgeons will definitely recommend these patients to have procedures that can deliver long-lasting and drastic effects with a facelift.

What’s a modern approach to traditional facelift surgery?

Facelifts from traditional times used to give out one-directional and extreme results as the surgery used to focus on pulling, re-draping and removing excess fat and skin.

But, today, with modern surgeries to rejuvenate, current facelift techniques are now not only treating the skin but they are also focusing on the deeper layers of tissue between fat, skin, and muscles.

SMAS or Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic Sheath is meant to manipulate and reposition this area. The procedure allows plastic surgeons to transform skin into a more natural and multi-dimensional one. It also improves the facial volume, and firmness of the jaw and neck.

Additionally, fat grafting is used together with a surgical facelift to gather fullness on the face.

How it will help you achieve a safe and definitive facial rejuvenation?

A modern approach to the traditional facelift will definitely provide you with a safe and definitive facial rejuvenation and here are some benefits:

Tighten saggy skin

As we grow old, a loose skin start to enveloping or saggy skin can be a significant sign of facial ageing. The results of the facial lift surgery are a sleek youthful appearance without a tight or pinched look. The ultimate result is a fresh and vernal look that makes you look younger without a feeling of “operated on”.

Get rid of those jowls

Loose jowls look better on bulldogs and Coonhounds. They are not so fascinating quality for us. Facelift surgery will definitely cut out them and provide a very proficient and clever manner without making you look like someone else.

Tighten and Redefine Your Neck

As we age, the skin on our face begins to droop, sag and start developing the wrinkles. With facelift surgery, this temporary downside is often self-addressed.

Get rid of Deep Creases

Facelift surgery can restore the deep tissue structures to their correct position and augment the ageing face. The result is a facelift that softens the nasolabial lines and restores volume so that patients look naturally younger than their actual age.

At Prague Medical Institute we have a successful history of redefining the facial structure of our patients throughout the globe. 

Patients trust us like anything to get their face rejuvenated. Our expert team of plastic surgeons will provide you with a great consultation on your facial structure improvements. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs on facial lift procedures. 



  • EMMA
    November 14, 2019 at 6:00 am

    Every lady wants to maintain the physical appearance as modern facelift has change the face of plastic surgery specially in Europe and the way you have written the post is just awesome!

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