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Breast Auto Augmentat

What is breast auto-augmentation?

Various factors like pregnancy, heredity, and aging are responsible for causing significant and permanent changes like sagging breasts in women. Cosmetic surgery options including breast lift not only revives the shape but also gives the youthful firmness back to your breast. Additionally, breast enhancement surgery...

Breast Lift Surgery

Does the Breast Size change after Breast Lift?

Women’s breast size alter, there can be significant changes in their youthful firmness and shape over time due to various reasons like pregnancy, breastfeeding, gravity, aging, weight fluctuations, hormonal imbalance or even heredity. Over a period, breast ligaments become weak and slack resulting in loss...

Mommy Makeover PMI

Mommy Makeover at Prague Medical Institute

Pregnancy and delivering a baby is a life changing event for most women. Pregnancy brings different changes in a woman’s body. During those nine months, there are immense transformations that impact the shape of her body. From bulging out of the tummy to sagging of...

Beauty Treatments in Prague

Beauty Treatments with a complete makeover

The saying,“Beauty is God gifted” is true, but in today’s world, you can easily enhance it as well! The advancement of technology and miracles created by the expert cosmetic surgeons all around the world have made it possible. If you desire to enhance your natural...

Breast Reconstruction in Prague

Breast Reconstruction Surgeries for Men

Fuller breasts are considered a symbol of a woman’s beauty. However, the same kind of breast enlargement in men is a strict ‘no-no’. Many men due to some kind of hormonal changes face augmentation of mammary glands. Sometimes, this can also be due to the...

Say No to Signs of Age

Say No to Signs of Aging

When you are in your 20s, it is hard to believe that your body may show signs of aging. We all know that age will change the way we look but most of us remain in denial. From the early 30s, the effects of aging...

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