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Fat Transfer Vs Liposuction

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Fat Transfer Vs Liposuction

Your body itself has all that you need to reshape it and give it a proper contour. Many parts of your body have extra fats while some parts lack in that. You may get a properly balanced figure with the help of fat transfer or liposuction. With the increase in awareness, the demand for such surgeries is increasing at an alarming rate. This not only brings shape and tone to your body but also works great in reviving your lost confidence as a whole. There are two most popular makeover treatments for redefining your figure; liposuction and Fat Transfer. Let’s discover them.


Losing all the extra body fats through dieting and exercise is difficult. In such cases, liposuction can be helpful which is commonly known as body contouring procedure which is performed to correct the unwanted fat accumulation in the body parts.  The liposuction treatment involves injecting a local anesthesia solution into the area to be treated. This acts to numb the place to be treated and also to reduce the blood flow and bruises. Following this, incisions are made which are attached to a vacuum like a machine; excess fat is slowly drained out.

Fat Transfer

As the name suggests, this is the procedure which works to take out the unwanted fat from one place of your body to another where it is required. This procedure uses your own fatty tissue to make up the gap in your own body. Areas like cheeks, temples, laugh lines which are signs of aging can be filled up by this type of treatment. In this procedure, there remains limited liposuction procedure as well to inject out the fat for use in other areas. The most likely areas from where fat is generally taken are the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and other such heavy areas. This fat is then injected in areas those are sunken.

Common areas for Liposuction

There are several areas in our body that have more fat accumulation and cannot be toned properly with exercise or dieting. These places are apt for liposuction. The areas are back, hips, stomach area, neck, chin, thighs, cheeks or upper arms. Suctioning from the thighs, flanks, and abdomen gives more pleasing results to patients who are looking for a quick makeover.

Common areas for Fat Transfer

The most common areas that require fat transfers are the jawline, cheeks, temples, laugh lines and the like. The procedure for the buttock and the face would differ depending on the volume to be injected.

Basic difference between Liposuction and Fat Transfer

From the name itself you can gauge the difference between the two procedures. While liposuction is a treatment that is performed to drain out unwanted fat from areas that cannot be treated through dieting, the fat transfer is just opposite to it.

The excess or unwanted fat ejected from heavier parts of the body like the buttock, abdomen, and thighs are again injected into shrunken areas like neck line, jawline, cheeks and other parts of the face and body to give a fuller look.

While liposuction is performed to take out unwanted fat from various body parts, fat transfer is performed to inject that extra fat into body parts that are sunken with age.


Many are apprehensive with the liposuction cost but the benefit these procedures bring to your body shape is incomparable.

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