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Cosmetic Surgery Abroad Is the New Trend for Vacation

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Cosmetic Surgery Abroad Is the New Trend for Vacation

Cosmetic surgery consists of various elective medical and surgical procedures that enhance the appearance of different body parts, thus, making them aesthetically appealing. Since many years, cosmetic surgery specialists have been using this preferred technique for enhancing beauty all over the world. However, it was affordable primarily by the rich and wealthy.

History of medical travel – The records show that traveling for medical reasons is not new for humankind. It is known that the people from the Middle-East used to travel to the Dead Sea to take advantage of its mineral-rich water and Europeans used to visit spas for the restorative waters. There were even requests from the royal families to the renowned doctors to visit them. Thus, in the earlier days, medical travel was preferred and afforded by the rich class.

Present day scenario – Even today, people prefer to travel for medical reasons and it is called as ‘Medical Tourism’. The combination of economic, industrial and social developments in the developing countries has initiated the phenomenon. The Internet has enabled medical tourism by providing the customers with information related to the foreign accredited clinics and surgeons and reaching their potential clients through the advertisements. Efficient air travel has facilitated the people to reach the overseas destination to take benefits from the cosmetic procedures.

The modernization of the medical facilities, technology and medicines in the countries offering medical tourism has further fuelled its growth by offering increasingly reliable and successful procedure outcomes.

Today’s medical tourism, however, differs from the age-old medical traveling in many aspects.

  • Amount of travelers – Due to the technology development and cost efficiency, the number of people seeking medical tourism today is much more as compared to that of in the olden days.
  • Reversal of the flow – Today, people from developed countries prefers to travel to less developed countries for better pricing unlike in the past where the people from the less developed countries used to travel to the developed countries for reaping the technological advantage.
  • Different reasons – Today, the main reason behind opting for medical tourism is the cost benefit. Medical expenses in developed countries like the US and UK are skyrocketing. On the other hand, the same individual will get the same treatment with equal quality with a fraction of the amount in one of the countries offering medical tourism, thus making it an affordable cosmetic surgery abroad.

Some countries provide advanced procedures that are not available in their home countries and many people want to take advantage of this technology development.  Besides this, shorter waiting period and vacationing accompanied by the surgery are the perks that drive medical tourism.

Today, cosmetic surgery and medical tourism are going hand in hand. All over the world, more and more medical tourists from all socioeconomic demographics are taking advantage of the minimally invasive, reconstructive and surgical cosmetic treatments.

Prague is one of the all-time favorite medical tourism destinations. With the latest technology, qualified cosmetic surgery specialists and staff, and competitive prices, cosmetic surgery in Prague is one of the most preferred options when it comes to affordable cosmetic surgery abroad. Along with providing a wide range of cosmetic solutions such as breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction and so on, the city provides you plenty of options for sight-seeing.

Overseas cosmetic surgery has become a new trend today that offers the cosmetic solution to your problems along with the fun and excitement of traveling abroad and exploring new places, people and culture. Where else can one get such a twofer!


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