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Invisalign Braces vs. Regular Braces

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Invisalign Braces vs. Regular Braces

 Straight teeth not only deliver an aesthetically pleasing smile but are also good to boost your overall dental care. Straight teeth are less prone to meet gum problems as they are easy to clean and even reduce the troubles associated with the periodontal ailment. At the same time, it is an excellent way to boost your confidence and your smile. If you have irregular teeth alignment, then you can go for the advanced dental treatment Invisalign braces. These braces are better than the traditional metal braces and below are some of the benefits, which you can avail through these braces.

1.    Enhanced Appearance

Metal braces can definitely straighten your teeth, but they are quite unattractive. Invisalign braces serve as an excellent alternate to this as they are invisible and hence unnoticeable. The wearer can adorn these braces without being getting noticed. These braces are very light and more attractive than the conventional metal braces.

2.    More Comfortable

While metal based traditional braces are permanent and they cannot be removed without professional assistance, the invisible braces are removable. If at any point in time, you wish to remove these aligner trays, then you can remove them for brief time periods either to drink, eat or clean your teeth. This even offers enhanced oral health.

3.    Better Safety

Traditional metal braces comprise protruding bits and wire that are slightly irritating to the wearer and can even scratch inside the gums and mouth. Invisalign braces are more comfortable and smooth as they do not comprise any sharp edges or extended bits. They are great to straighten the teeth and even do not cause any trouble to any decaying teeth. They are safer to wear and combat all sorts of damages caused by wearing braces, including cavities and gum ailments.

4.    Less Treatment Duration

While traditional metal based braces might need almost five years to straighten the teeth structure, the Invisalign teeth are less time-consuming and consume a year or quite less or more than it to carry its magic and straighten your teeth. So, if you are looking for an effective solution to straighten your teeth in less time duration, then you must opt for this form of braces.

5.    Advanced Treatment

The process of Invisalign braces is fully computerized and carried in order to serve the patients in most efficient manner. These are robust braces that are fixed, removed, and planned with use of advanced computerized techniques and so you can always expect what you will avail of this treatment. It is a more precise solution as compared to the metal braces, which are based on hit and trial method.

Invisalign braces definitely have more advantages than the traditional teeth. Although they are quite expensive still they are more comfortable to wear, pose fewer risks to the teeth and gums, and offer straighten teeth in very less period. If you wish to avail proper alignment for your teeth, then you must opt for Invisalign braces, which are invisible and efficient.

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