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Is Weight-Loss Surgery for Teens and Young Adults a Good Option?

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Is Weight-Loss Surgery for Teens and Young Adults a Good Option?

Obesity is like a virus prevailing in the developed world; it is causing many common lethal diseases too. Non-surgical and natural ways have failed to offer an effective, long-term and durable solution for this global problem.
Under the obesity surgery or weight loss surgery, Bariatric Procedure is one on the top of all. Again, this surgery includes operations like Gastric Bypass, Gastric Banding, Sleeve Gastrectomy, and Biliopancreatic bypass, etc. These surgeries are proven for an effective and long-lasting weight loss solution but sadly, only 0.2% of the potential obese people, making current methods very irrelevant to common public health.

Obesity in Teens:

The number of overweight kids overall the world is increasing and it is a disturbing fact for all of us. Major causes of increasing obesity in kids are unhealthy food, complete lack of physical activity, and family support for other activities to avoid obesity.

This increase in the number of obese kids is really disturbing as it causes health issues, and may lead to social problems. Obese kids are more likely to be bullied by their peers or develop low self-esteem or overall personality image problems. When kids are fat or obese, it needs a lot of efforts and commitment for them to get back their normal and healthy body. Obesity is among the important risks to kids’ health in both the short and long run. Obese kids are possible to be obese adults in their increasing age period.

Risk factors involved in childhood obesity:

Our body stores unused kilojoules in the form of body fat. To maintain a perfect weight, we need to use this energy from the food we have. If you have more than you use, the body will store energy as extra fats

Some of the factors that may cause kids to become obese or fat are:

  1. Food Choices: These choices will include having high fat and food containing sugar instead of healthier foods.
  2. Avoiding Physical Activities: Kids nowadays are less active that used to be and this is a general observation throughout the world.
  3. Spending more time in sitting position: Kids around the world watch around 3 hours a day of TV, as well as they, spend time using various electronic games. It looks like these games are replacing the actual sports games.
  4. Hereditary: A family’s eating patterns will definitely have a major influence on whether a child maintains a healthy weight. Some obese parents may be less bothered about their kids also being obese that parents who have proper weight.
  5. Genetics: In rare cases, the genetic disorder may cause obesity in children. In many other people, particular genes acting probably form susceptibility for obesity. If there is a tendency in the family to have obesity, parents need to be even more aware of creating healthy food choices for the entire family.

Obesity will have a major effect on how kids feel about themselves and how they interact with each other. Obese kids are more likely to have low self-esteem, which will impact their other aspects of life like relations and competency development at school.

Obesity as a child or youth may increase the risk of many diseases and disorders in adulthood, no matter if the adult is obese or not. It’s necessary to recognize and start working on the condition before kids become adults. Preferably, obesity should be prevented in the early age only.

When should adolescents think seriously about weight loss treatment?

Weight loss treatment is not meant for every obese teen. The long-term effects of the weight loss surgery are not known, and weight loss surgery cannot guarantee that an adolescent will lose all the excess fat and keep it off for a long time. Keeping weight off after surgery in a successful way requires a lifelong transformation about eating habits and commitments to regular physical activities.

What is Gastric Banding Surgery for Kids and how does it work?

The gastric band is a type of weight-loss (bariatric) surgery. It’s used to treat people with severe obesity that hasn’t been able to reduce through diet and exercise alone. It’s most often done in adults. However, in some cases, it should be a treatment option for a youngster.

A gastric band is a soft, rubbery circle product of silicone polymer. The band is connected to a thin, flexible tube (catheter). The tube is connected to a little, round port. Throughout the surgery, the band is placed around the stomach, near the highest. The port is put out the skin below the rib cage. Saline solution is injected with a needle and syringe into the port and goes through the tube to fill the band. The fluid will make it expand and squeeze tighter. A healthcare supplier will manage the dimensions of the band by adding or removing saline through the port after the surgery.

When saline is added, the band tightens around the top of the abdomen. This creates a small pouch where food goes throughout a meal. The food then slowly moves down into the remainder of the stomach and is digestible over time. The pouch is smaller than an entire stomach. Therefore it makes a person full more quickly. It limits the number of food he or she will eat.

After surgery, the band may have to be adjusted. This needs regular follow-up visits to a healthcare provider and injection or removal of saline through the skin into the port. At some point years after surgery, several bands may need to get replaced. This can be done with another surgery.

Weight loss treatment is not an option for certain adolescents, including those who:

  • Have a surgically correctable cause of obesity
  • Have had a potentially risky drug abuse
  • Are unable to fully understand the procedure and its effects
  • Are pregnant or plan to become one within two years after surgery. Also, young kids who are currently lactating after pregnancy must wait till they have the surgery.

Your kid may likely to stay in the hospital long. He or she is going to feel some pain and discomfort once the surgery is done. This is often normal. It’s treated with pain medicine. The healthcare team may additionally have your teen up and walking a couple of hours after surgery. This can facilitate your kid to recover quicker.

On the day after surgery, your teen can doubtless have an X-ray. It makes positive that the gastric band is working unremarkably. He or she is also asked to swallow a liquid which will be seen on the X-ray.

When it’s time for your kid to travel home, you’ll be directions for the way to care for your child’s incisions, and when to call the healthcare team.

For obesity treatment, people are choosing traveling abroad. And statistics show that patients and customers from the European nation are choosing the Czech Republic for their weight loss surgery abroad. If you know someone with such conditions, share this write-up with them so that they could get the benefit.




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