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Does the Breast Size change after Breast Lift?

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Does the Breast Size change after Breast Lift?

Women’s breast size alter, there can be significant changes in their youthful firmness and shape over time due to various reasons like pregnancy, breastfeeding, gravity, aging, weight fluctuations, hormonal imbalance or even heredity. Over a period, breast ligaments become weak and slack resulting in loss of elasticity.

Breast lift or mastopexy is performed to give your breast its original figure by taking off the excess skin and tightening the tissue in the surrounding area. Sometimes, it also involves changing or moving the shape of the nipple. Breast lift gives the breast more support and the required shape to give it a younger look.

Benefits of mastopexy –

Self-esteem is boosted – The feeling that your breasts are firmer and higher boosts your confidence and self-esteem.

Improvement in quality of life – Improvement in self-esteem leads to positive body-image. This results in better quality of life.

Wide selection of clothes – Increase in self-confidence widens the selection of clothing including an experiment with tops that don’t require bras.

Feels more attractive and feminine – With a rejuvenated andyounger look, many women feel more feminine.

Healthier Lifestyle – As with any other surgery, you need to be as healthy as possible before going through the procedure. You should go for healthy eating habits and regular exercise before the procedure and are advised to continue this after the surgery.

Many times, Breast lift surgery is accompanied with other procedures like breast augmentation–performed to achieve fuller breasts or breast reduction–performed to reduce the breast size.

Few women also opt for breast auto-augmentation which is a combination of breast lift and breast augmentation without breast implants. If you have adequate breast tissue and want to give additional fullness to your breast along with breast lift, breast auto-augmentation is the solution for you.

Though breast lift surgery changes the breast volume to some extent; thereis an additional factor that can cause the change in the breast size after the procedure.

The truer fit

As explained earlier, the breast liftprocedure lifts the breast by tightening the surrounding loose tissues. Thus, this size paradox is attributed to the actual fit and comfort of the patient.

It is known that many women don’t use their correct bra size. Women undergo breast lift due to the sagging of their breasts because of multiple factors. Sagging is also known as ptosis. Ptosicbreasts have more mass sitting in the lower part of the chest. Thisrequires a bigger bra size for a female in order to feel comfortable. More youthful and firmer breast after the procedure stays on the upper part of the chest. Thus, for the same female, the earlier cup size seems to be a largerone. Thus, she prefers a smaller bra size after her breast lift.

The true cup size before the procedure can be evaluated by elevating the breast by thumb along with the forefinger. Additionally, this also helps women to realize their bra size after the mastopexy.

A breast liftprocedure has many advantages besides giving the much preferred younger look to the females all around the world. No wonder, it is becoming an increasingly popular procedure on all partsof the globe.

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