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What is breast auto-augmentation?

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What is breast auto-augmentation?

Various factors like pregnancy, heredity, and aging are responsible for causing significant and permanent changes like sagging breasts in women. Cosmetic surgery options including breast lift not only revives the shape but also gives the youthful firmness back to your breast. Additionally, breast enhancement surgery can help to give adequate breast volume.

When one talks about breast augmentation, the first thing that comes to our mind is breast implants. However, if one has sufficient breast tissue, doesn’t want to go for an implant or alter her breast size to a larger one, can go for breast auto-augmentation. In this method, a person’s own breast tissue is used for breast augmentation rather than using a foreign material like implants.

During mastopexy (breast lift), generally, two issues are encountered –

  • Sagging of the breast- Mastopexy procedure takes care of this problem.
  • Breast tissue deficiency in the upper part of the breast – This might cause flatness of this area, and hence often breast enhancement is recommended. The function of the implant is replaced by the tissue of the person who doesn’t want to go for breast implants and has adequate breast tissue.

Advantages of breast auto-augmentation

  • No foreign material used

In breast auto-augmentation, a plastic surgeon uses patient’s breast tissue and thus the surgery avoids the use of any foreign material inside the body.

  • More reliable

Fat graft procedure that involves an injection of fats, taken out by means of liposuction from other body parts into the breast, gives similar effects as that of the breast auto-augmentation. However, sometimes the fat grafts do not survive leading to volume loss. On the other hand, breast auto-augmentation always survives and the results are permanent.

  • Long lasting

In the case of breast enhancement surgery, implants have a limited lifespan. On the other hand, no such limitation exists for breast auto-augmentation procedure. As it doesn’t make use of implants, it is free of other possibilities like implant migration and capsule formation which might result in distortion.

Candidates for breast auto-augmentation surgery

You can be a candidate for this surgery if–

  • You have lost major weight.
  • You are healthy in general.
  • Have adequate breast tissue.
  • Have a positive outlook.

Breast auto-augmentation gives the patient an upper hand over breast enhancement by giving the combined benefits of breast lift and breast augmentation without the use of implants. Thus, this can be an ideal option for the few selected people.

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