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Standing Desks and Varicose Veins : What’s the Connection?

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Standing Desks and Varicose Veins : What’s the Connection?

More than 50% of American citizens are suffering from discolored veins that swell in the ankle, along with sore, painful legs. These are Varicose Veins or Spider Veins on feet that should not be left untreated which will lead to more serious health issues.

People who tend to or we would say need to stand while working are prone to varicose veins, and those with such a family history of vein disease. Vertical desks are often taken for granted as a healthy option than sitting and working. But, they won’t turn out to be so healthy as you think.

At Prague Medical Institute, we get many inquiries for the Varicose Veins treatment and when consulted, most of these patients reveal that the main problem lies with standing desks. Yes. These patients are either standing for a longer time or they are having a work-life where their work demands them to stand for longer periods of time.

Not only by standing but having a sedentary position for a long time may cause varicose veins.

What are the risks involved in a Sedentary Lifestyle?

Around 86% of American employees sit working for the day, but the research suggests a sedentary work life is injurious to our health more than we think. It may increase the risk of early death. You have more chances that being overweight can develop a few conditions like Type 2 diabetes, heart conditions, cancer and more.

All those sedentary positions are putting you at risk for various vein conditions. Being inactive means that you are lacking proper blood circulation through your legs. Hence, gaining more weight will put extra pressure on your veins and apparently legs. As you sit for longer times, especially by bending, it could land you in trouble. In very rare cases, sitting for long periods will cause deep vein thrombosis, a dangerous clot in your leg.

Is the standing desk good for you?

We mentioned the risks involved in all-day sitting, many employees have shown interest in standing desks. These desks are attracting employees as they allow them to stand and also flexible for sitting and standing throughout the day. Many people love this as they mention that these desks improve posture and promote the movement throughout the day.

But, the doubt remains the same that is standing and working is the same as walking or any type of exercise? No. Exercising has its own edges at increasingly benefits us by improving the blood flow. 

When we consider employees who need to survive for longer periods, they are familiar with the problems they will face with their feet. It will result in many issues including major pain the knees, feet, hips and lower back.

Standing for longer periods is also a known reason for causing veins. This comes along with various risks for the heart. There’s also an association with carotid atherosclerosis.

What’s the golden mean of Standing and Sitting Desks?

Maybe the sitting and standing desk will provide you with some relief, but the long term is not so good. There is a potential threat associated with the desk and vein health. 

To prevent yourself from getting those veins while standing or sitting for longer periods, we would suggest you have short walks throughout the workday. It is necessary to have exercises to gift your body with moderate activities for 5 days every week.

If you already feel that you are suffering from varicose veins or spider veins, rest or exercise because there is no reverse condition. Surgery turns out to be the last chance for you to get rid of them. Well, if you are into trouble and want clear legs, get in touch with our team and we will schedule a consultation with our specialist surgeons for you at Prague Medical Institute.



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