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How Correct Diet Can Help Boost Fertility

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How Correct Diet Can Help Boost Fertility

How Correct Diet Can Help Boost Fertility

Our diet plays a significant role in every minor and major process that happens in our body. Reproduction is one of the vital processes which play a crucial role in planning a child. During pregnancy assistance processes like hormone replacement therapy, it is essential for us to take the utmost care of our dietary habits which help in getting better results. A right diet truly impacts the chance of conceiving a child. There are a lot of nutrients that are essential for a healthy life and better chances of reproduction. Correct diet can help in boosting fertility and assist in conceiving a child. Some changes in your daily diet will go a long way.

Let us know as to how a correct intake of diet plays a vital role in boosting fertility:

Role of carbs

Two types of carbs are found in our food. The first type is bad carbs which are present in processed food like cakes, cookies, white bread, etc. These bad carbs get metabolized very quickly in our body and increase the sugar levels in the bloodstream.  The pancreas release higher levels of insulin to compensate for the spike of sugar in the body.

On the other hand, good carbs, also known as slow carbs, metabolize on a much slower rate. These carbs are found in fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains. They get digested very slowly thus do not have much effect on the insulin levels in the body. According to doctors, high insulin levels create barriers during ovulation time thus a change from fast to slow carbs will be helpful.

Role of fats

Trans fats are commonly found in processed foods such as commercially baked products, snacks, animal products, French fries, and many others. Trans fat increases insulin resistance in the body which makes it hard for the cells to absorb sugar. The pancreas release more insulin to compensate the issue, which further causes metabolic disturbances and affects ovulation. Thus shifting to unsaturated fat is a better choice in food items as it does not cause insulin resistance.

Role of Proteins

Proteins that are obtained from plant sources come with healthy fat and have comparatively less amount of calories. By adding beans, nuts, seeds, and tofu in your diet, you can actually lose a substantial amount of weight. Better BMI helps in conceiving quickly, and studies have shown that obese people find it hard to carry a child.

Role of Milk

Adding whole milk and dairy products in your diet during the time you are trying to conceive and while you are pregnant can help in bringing a healthy child into this world. It has been found that full-fat dairy products are helpful in gaining good health that is essential for conceiving a child.

Role of caffeine

Too much caffeine can cause problems in the female reproductive system, especially the ovulation process. It is important to avoid caffeine while you are ovulating or pregnant. Doctors also suggest cutting down the caffeine intake while you are lactating.

Role of cold foods

Food items such as alcohol and spicy foods can cause problems during menstruation. These food items can cause heavy bleeding which makes period painful and clotted. Avoiding such products can ease the process.

Diet plays an important role during the whole process of trying to have a baby and having the baby. If you are undergoing procedures like IVF treatment, it is imperative to eat right and healthy to have better chances to conceive. Changes in the diet can help in increasing the chances to several folds.

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