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Prague Medical Institute Is Now Associated With Smartwings

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Prague Medical Institute Is Now Associated With Smartwings

Medical tourism can be described as a form of tourism in which people live in one country and travel to another country to get medical, dental and surgical care. Medical tourism is gaining popularity especially in those countries where medical care is way more expensive than the other parts of the world. Patients visit the destination country because of the high quality of medical care, affordability of the location as well as access to tourism opportunities.

There are many tour companies and medical institutes that are working together across the world to provide the best medical care and other facilities to the ailing patients. The affordability of such services has made this field a billion dollar industry in which both the service provider and the patients are highly benefited.

Prague Medical Institute

Prague Medical Institute or PMI is one of the finest medical institutes in the Czech Republic and Prague. The team of experts at PMI offers many medical treatments including IVF treatment, obesity treatment, plastic surgery, dental treatments and much more.

The team comprises of the best professionals in their respective fields without relying on any particular hospital. Established back in 2002, PMI offers services to patients from the Czech Republic as well as to the patients from across the world.

In addition to the top class services, the prices of the services are quite affordable as well. The Czech Republic is known for the advanced medical care system. The professionals working in different medical fields have to go through a series of interviews and tests before they can join team PMI. The whole team at PMI has a medical background which makes it easier for the person handling your case to help in choosing the right doctor for the procedure.


Smartwings is one of the best airline services in low-cost travel. Smartwings operates scheduled flights to many European metropolitan cities and tourists destinations. Established in 2004, the company has marked its presence in the market as one of the finest service providers in low-cost airlines.

PMI and Smartwings

In a number of reviews from the happy customers of PMI, the team found that the patients are spending a lot on travel and stay. In order to provide a complete package to the patients from across the world, PMI has joined hands with Smartwings. They have formed custom packages for the patients which they can choose from. As both services are cost-effective, it makes the process much easier for the patient.

Smartwings not only takes care of the travel but also helps in finding the best places to stay. PMI and Smartwings have made Medical Tourism much affordable and easier for the patients who want to visit the city for procedures like breast reconstruction, makeover treatment, tummy tuck surgery, dental care, IVF treatment and obesity treatments along with many other procedures. With this association, the whole process of finding the best doctor to booking the flight and stay and finally getting the procedure done has become easier and a lot more pocket-friendly.


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