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Egg freezing New Age Technology in Fertility

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Egg freezing New Age Technology in Fertility

We can’t deny that careers these days are too demanding. It requires hard work, dedication, and long hours at work to reach to the highest potential of our career. By the time you complete your education and start a job one is almost in their mid-twenties. As soon as a woman thinks she is started doing well and settled in her career, she realizes her biological clock is ticking and if she wishes to plan a family she should plan before age of 30.

Apart from career issues, several women wish to delay their motherhood, for personal reasons like finding suitable partner, or dealing with life altering diseases like Cancer. For all these reasons there is one solution ‘egg freezing’. Recently several women are opting for egg freezing, read further for greater insights.

What is Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing is a revolutionary way of delaying your motherhood. In this process a healthy egg is extracted from your ovary which is frozen and stored for a long duration. When a woman is ready to conceive, the egg is fertilized and transferred to uterus as embryo.

Who should consider Egg Freezing?

Women in their 30’s, who are not ready to conceive for another 5-6 years can, opt for this. Generally women between the age group of 30-40 go for it. One should consult a doctor to determine their fertility against the plan of having a child. Few women have a family history of early decline in fertility, in such cases women in her 20’s can also opt for egg freezing.

How it’s done

The process includes several weeks of hormonal treatment which stimulates the maturity of multiple eggs, instead of one at a time. Once egg reaches maturity it is extracted and frozen in liquid nitrogen. A process similar to IVF is followed once a woman decides to conceive.

Costs and risks

The quality of infertility treatment in Czech clinics is among the best in the world and therefore we suggest looking for a help here.

We provide top quality fertility treatments at affordable prices. Our Treatments are up to 75% cheaper than US, UK and Western European prices.

Success rate

If 10 eggs are frozen, 7 are expected to survive the process, and 5 to 6 are expected to fertilize and become embryos. Hence while getting your eggs frozen there is no minimum number, the more the eggs, more chance you have to get healthy eggs, even 5-10 years later.


Earlier this procedure was meant only for medical reasons, but now it has become available for social/personal choices as well. Advance methods of egg freezing have raised the success rate from 30 % to 90%. Egg freezing gives a woman freedom of choice in planning her pregnancy, and not planning it in the biologically set time frame. It’s like a weight lifted off from shoulder.

Most importantly one can have biological child through egg freezing, and do not have to rely on donors or surrogates even if the planning for conceiving is in their late 40’s. With several benefits and negligible complications, Egg freezing is surely a good option to choose.

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