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Obese Couples May Take Longer To Conceive

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Obese Couples May Take Longer To Conceive

Obesity is becoming a big health concern in most parts of the world. Changed lifestyle and food habits are making it harder for many individuals to stay in the right weight range. According to the doctors, BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered to be ideal and if the person is between 25 to 29.9 BMI, then he or she is overweight. The majority of the individuals who have crossed the overweight limit and have BMI above 30 are obese, and BMI above 40 are morbidly obese.

According to the researches done at different universities and institutes, it has been found that if both the partners are obese, then they may take up to 59 percent more time to conceive a child in comparison to a couple who is in the ideal BMI range. Obesity often comes with a lot of additional health problems like type-2 diabetes, heart diseases, and even cancer. Also, obesity causes a significant hormonal imbalance which causes problems in the production of sperms in male as well as healthy eggs in the female.

Becoming parents is one of the most important part of a married life. If weight or any other health issue becomes an obstacle in the process of conceiving a child, then it can cause serious problems in married life. Fortunately, there are several ways which can help such couples in conceiving. For the couples who are obese, proper diet and regular exercise can assist in reducing the weight to a certain level. This will bring back the right levels of hormones in the body and eventually makes it easier to conceive a child.

Surgical options to reduce weight

In case the patient is not able to reduce weight, there are surgical options as well. Bariatric surgery is a procedure which is performed on obese patients. There are two popular ways of doing this surgery. In the first process known as gastric bypass surgery, the surgeon creates a pouch on the top of the stomach and connects it directly to the intestine. In this process, most of the digestive track is bypassed hence the name.

The second procedure includes adding a clip on the stomach and reducing its size which makes it harder to store excessive food. This helps in reducing the food intake thus reduces the weight. Both the procedures are available from last few decades and have become much safer with time.

During the weight reducing treatment, the doctors may suggest that the couple should go for egg freezing and sperm freezing to be on the safer side in the future.

Assisted treatment for conceiving a child

Even after reducing weight, there are chances that the couple is not able to conceive a child. In that case, there are several procedures which can help in the process. The doctors first check the female reproduction system and see if there is any problem. There is hormonal replacement therapy as well which helps in gaining the right levels of required hormones.

In case the hormone replacement option does not work, the couple can also choose to go for IVF treatment in which the eggs and sperms treated in a controlled environment in the laboratory for fertilization and early embryo growth. Then the embryo is placed in the uterus for further development.

There are many medical options to get rid of weight and to help in conceiving a child. All you need is to have positive thoughts and patience for these procedures to work.

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