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Health Benefits of Tummy Tuck Surgery

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Health Benefits of Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty is a procedure which involves muscle tightening and loose skin and fat removal from the abdomen. Various factors cause the buildup of fat around the abdominal area. Aging and other reasons cause the sagging of the skin near this body-part. The prime candidates for tummy tuck procedure are
  1. People who have lost a lot of weight
  2. New moms
  3. People facing obesity due to some genetic issue or aging or hormonal imbalance can also opt for this procedure.

With tummy tuck, you can get rid of the extra fat and skin near your abdomen. Aesthetically, tummy appears firmer and flat. Other than offering better looks, tummy tuck provides following health benefits –

  • Weight loss can be maintained easily and consistently –Weight gain in patients who have undergone bariatric surgery along with tummy tuck is considerably lesser than those who opted only for a bariatric procedure. According to the Swiss researchers, the former regained just one pound per year as compared to the later who had a weight gain of 4 pounds annually.
  • Goodbye to stress urinary incontinence – Many women with vaginal deliveries experience stress urinary incontinence (SUI). In this condition, females experience that their bladder tends to empty while they laugh, sneeze or cough. This can be taken care of during the tummy tuck by obstructing the bladder with soft tissue. This procedure is completely safe. Many women have been benefitted with this with no SUI experience after their tummy tuck.
  • Better Posture – Weakened abdominal muscles and additional skin and fat around the waist can lead to posture which can be explained by the term ‘sway back’ or lordosis. In longer run, it can cause back-ache. A tummy tuck helps you to get rid of additional skin and fat that causes an extra burden on your spine. Moreover, the tightened abdominal muscles provide more support to your back resulting in better posture.
  • Relief from ventral hernia – Due to weak muscles, abdominal tissue or intestine can start pushing through the abdominal cavity. This condition is known as ventral hernia and is more prominent post an appendectomy or C-section. A plastic surgeon can take care of this during tummy tuck reducing the risk of ventral hernia significantly.
  • Improvement in exercise tolerance – Many times, the loose skin and additional fat around the tummy act as a hindrance to exercise. Flat and toned tummy after the procedure rejuvenates the individual to enjoy the aerobic exercises. This helps retaining the weight loss and maintains healthy life style.
  • Better quality of life – Everyone loves youthful looks with the flat-toned abdomen. Tummy tuck also helps you get rid of the stretch marks that appear after your child birth which are otherwise difficult to be taken care of with traditional creams and lotions. Increase in self-esteem gives rise to positive self-image and can result in better personal relationships. This further improves the overall quality of life.

Other than giving its aspirants the cherished looks it promises, tummy tuck also provides great benefits physically as well as mentally. Thus, the tummy tuck is becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure across the globe.


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