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How to have a quick recovery from a surgery

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How to have a quick recovery from a surgery

What a patient looks forward to after every successful surgery is the speedy recovery. Getting well quickly and starting a normal routine is the priority of every individual after getting out of the operation theatre. There are a few tips that can come handy for a speedy recovery.

Get moving- the earlier, the better – After your surgery, you can start moving around as early as possible. This not only prevents blood clot formation but also, helps in bowel movements. It will further decrease the risk of other complications like deep vein thrombosis and pneumonia and will help you get back to your normal routine quickly. At the same time, start it slowly and carefully and avoid exerting yourself.

  • Eat healthy food – You might not feel hungry immediately after the surgery. However, it is advised to start a balanced diet as early as possible. In addition to provide the necessary nutrients to your body, few of the ingredients help with management of the fatigue, speeding up the recovery.
  • Drink plenty of water– Keep hydrated. This will replenish the fluid loss due to any operation.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions – After the surgery, even if you feel ready for certain tasks like driving or lifting up a heavy object, your internal body is still healing. Please follow your doctor’s instructions diligently which will help you in your quick recovery by avoiding unwanted complications like tearing, bleeding or infection.
  • Adopt healthy lifestyle – Smoking affects blood circulation and might hamper the process of quick healing. By choosing to quit smoking, you are helping your body to recover faster.
  • Rest is the key – Rest is the natural mechanism to deal with stress and trauma. Thus, your body should get the required rest after the surgery for its rejuvenation. This is also required for your immune system to work at its best. Relaxation along with positive attitude can create wonders for a speedy recovery.

Tips for quick recovery from cosmetic surgery – Along with the general instructions, there are some tips essential to shorten the recovery period after any cosmetic surgery –

  1. Protect your skin – Sun’s Ultra Violet (UV) rays are harmful to your skin. Hence exposure to the direct sunlight should be avoided.
  2. Set right expectation – Any plastic surgery takes few days or weeks to show its full results depending upon the type. Being positive and patient helps speedy a recovery.
  3. Avoid anti-inflammatory medicines – Aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medicines can interfere with the medications prescribed after tummy tuck procedure or liposuction. Always check with your doctor before taking any over the counter medicine.
  4. Specific tips based upon the type of surgery –In case of any facial cosmetic procedure like the facelift, nose surgery or eyelid surgery, it is essential to apply ice as advised by your plastic surgeon. After breast enhancement surgery, massaging the breast as per your surgeon’s advice is crucial for implants to start moving and settling quickly under the muscle.

Sometimes, surgeries can’t be avoided. However, taking few precautions, recovery time can be shortened and more manageable.


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