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How to Get a Desirable Body After Pregnancy With Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery?

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How to Get a Desirable Body After Pregnancy With Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery?

I want to look exactly how I used to look pre-babes, but is it possible? Maybe not really, well, there are Armoured-weight bras and Spanx for me.

This is what you usually end up thinking that it’s not really possible to get back to the pre-baby body and we don’t want you to be in that mindset forever.

With modern mommy makeover plastic surgeries, you can easily get back into a desirable shape you have been missing since last year or so. 

But is the plastic surgery makeover only option to get back in the desired shape?

We would say no and yes both.

Why NO you ask?

Some women would still think of being in a round and bumpy shape as good for them and we totally respect their choice. 

But for those who want to get back in the previous shape, here are some traditional ways they can try at their own.

Start with having a positive image in your mind about your body.

Your friends will definitely say, “You are looking cute today!” And you will be like, “Are you blind? Or Stupid? Or just teasing me? I am looking this fat and just look at this.”

You might as well pull a handful of your tummy and your mind might get filled with negative insecurities. 

Start building a positive image of your body shape in your body and then stop listening to what your friends are saying.

You don’t need to run around all the time in order to get into the shape but daily exercises at home for a moderate amount of time is always recommended. You can even try outdoor exercises like running, climbing, swinging and sliding.

In your indoor sessions, you can, jump up and down for 30 minutes straight and take proper naps and diet.

But do you think these exercises and climbing and following a diet will help you that much?


These will be more time taking and hectic you would wish for. After all, you have a cute little one with you to take care of. And hence, there are a few surgical methods for mothers like you to get into the desired body shape in little time and investment.

How to prepare for a mommy makeover surgery?

Before you directly jump to the conclusion of getting a plastic surgery makeover, here are a few points you must consider for yourself. Although your surgeons will definitely suggest you to consider these, we are mentioning them here:

  1. You must wait for around 4 to 6 weeks after your delivery
  2. To get the best out of mommy makeover surgery, you must be healthy with a BMI of 30 or under
  3. Get lab testing or a medical evaluation from a certified physician
  4. Take medications prescribed by your physician or alter according to the needs of your surgery
  5. Stop Smoking for a while
  6. Avoid medicines like aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements.

Mommy makeover surgeries are usually performed in a hospital or proper environments like clinics and will most likely use general anaesthesia. Some follow up sessions would be performed on outpatients, and local anaesthesia with sedation is likely to be used. These decisions will be totally on the basis of your specific surgery requirements and by considering you at the first place and your physician’s best judgment.

A typical mommy makeover surgery can be a combo of the following surgeries:

  1. Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck Surgery

Abdominoplasty will be used to remove extra skin and fat as well as to tighten the loose muscles of your belly which are stretched during the pregnancy. If you are fed up with a muffin top too, this surgery will help you get rid of it.

  1. Breast Augmentation

If you have a shrunken breast volume after the pregnancy or breastfeeding, breast augmentation procedures will likely restore the size as well as the shape of your breasts.

  1. Mastopexy or Breast Lift

Pregnancy and breastfeeding will most likely stretch your breast skin and when swelling will go away; the breasts will often droop and sag. There are many ways breast lift is done and the suitable type for your body will be suggested by your physician after examination and testing.

In fewer cases, your surgeon will also suggest a combination of both augmentations and lift surgeries.

  1. Liposuction

Liposuction might not help you reduce weight which you need to do it yourself but it will definitely help you reduce the unwanted fat that is out of proportion to the rest of your body.

What about post mommy makeover surgery?

If you have a complete mommy makeover, you need to understand that the recovery period will surely take more time than usual. Your body will be going through minor pain and major changes to give your body a little rest and have fun with your kid. You might need to spend around 2 to 3 months post mommy makeover surgery.

Getting back to your pre-baby shape is a usual thing that could be achieved by these surgeries. But mommy makeover surgeries will act a miracle on your body and they will beautify you as a whole.

To get a consultation on your mommy makeover surgery and to achieve a beautiful figure and posture, get in touch with us at 00442031295133. Our English-speaking surgeons will be in touch with you in no time.


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