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Planning to be a Mother After Tummy Tuck – Know the Facts

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Planning to be a Mother After Tummy Tuck – Know the Facts

Since 2002, Prague Medical Institute has been handling patients for Tummy Tuck or mostly known as abdominoplasty. The clinic has expert advice for tummy tuck consultation. The surgery is meant to remove excess fat and skin & restore weakened muscles which helps achieve a smoother and firmer abdominal profile.

Many of their patients going through abdominoplasty ask the expert surgeons there the very same question what if they want to enjoy pregnancy after a tummy tuck. We consult them on every aspect of this question and to help others decide on with the abdominoplasty, we are creating this post just for you. 

Read on to know more.

Many women are not sure about the thing that they have to wait for some time until they are done having kids before opting for a tummy tuck. They find much content regarding this question and they already know if they opt for pregnancy after a tummy tuck, there will be definite harm to the mother as well as an unborn child.

But this is not true!

As we all know every kind of pregnancy has its own complications and the best advice will be from your gynecologist.

For women who had a tummy tuck surgery before, their abdominal wall and tissue will get stretched as the normal body cycle to accommodate the new baby. 

There are some women who notice their bellies are not getting stretched out much, or they don’t look like they are not pregnant as their previous one. This is totally safe and harmless for the growing child.

How pregnancy will affect your abdominoplasty?

Most of our patients who became pregnant after their surgeries are enjoying the results of this surgery even after they delivered. In fact, most of them shared a different experience with us. They mentioned that they are looking better after pregnancy with their tummy-tuck than during their normal pregnancy without any surgery.

If someone is already gone through the abdominoplasty before and if they don’t want much weight during their pregnancy, the midline connective tissue won’t stretch that much, causing rectus diastasis as there is a stronger scar tissue holding the muscles together from the previous surgery.

The muscle will go stretch and allow the baby to grow and it can get back to the previous position after the pregnancy.

Doctors at Prague Medical Institute told us that the problem after pregnancy is not the muscles in all. They added that the gap in-between the 2 rectus abdominal muscles which they call it as the midline in the stomach that is actually the tissue that connects. If pregnancy causes more stretch on the abdomen, then surgeons will only remove the excess skin & fat.

But it should be taken care of that mother and baby’s health must be on the top priority. As every woman should consult her surgeon as soon as she finds out that she is expecting.

Can you do a right away abdominoplasty after c section?

The answer would be NO.

How long should you wait to become pregnant after an abdominoplasty?

According to Plastic Surgeons at Prague Medical Institute, there’s no “There is no time decided specifically to get pregnant when thinking about abdominoplasty surgery.” It’s a very individual and personal thought but typically, they will advise you not within the 6 months after the surgery. Typically pregnancy will happen particularly if the patient feels confident and proud of their new body.

It is still best to discuss with your plastic surgeon & your gynecologist what’s best for you.

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    November 8, 2019 at 9:57 am

    Wow! nice post and it is a common problem faced by women nowadays with heavy tummy tuck once again thanks for sharing the facts.

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