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What you should know before looking for a plastic surgeon

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What you should know before looking for a plastic surgeon

If you are looking for a plastic surgeon, one has to consider multiple factors beforehand. Certain factors like qualifications of a surgeon and her/his expertise are generally given the topmost priority. Tummy tuck procedure and breast enhancements surgery require longer surgery duration. These procedures involve great precision as they affect important body organs. Facelift and other facial procedures mandate incisions on delicate areas. Thus, cosmetic surgery can be a life altering experience and you have to be utmost careful while choosing your cosmetic surgeon. Here are some tips you should know before selecting your cosmetic surgeon.

  • Take your GP’s advice – Talk to your general practitioner. As s/he knows you as well as the surgeon, s/he is the best person to guide you. You can discuss with her/him about the benefits of the surgery as well as the potential risks involved.
  • Check the experience – You will definitely want a well experienced surgeon to perform your surgery. An experienced surgeon is more equipped to handle complications and emergencies that can arise during any surgery. Further, they have spent more time on working on their surgical skills which is at your advantage.
  • Check the registration – Check whether the surgeon is registered at ‘General Medical Council’ (GCP) by checking their website.
  • Check hospital privileges – Recognized hospitals give privileges to reputed plastic surgeon. A quick check whether the plastic surgeon is having any privileges in the well-known hospitals can throw light on her/his credibility.
  • Visit multiple clinics and hospitals – Visit multiple hospitals and clinics to get as much information related to the procedure you want to undergo and the surgeons who might carry out the cosmetic surgery. You can ask questions related to the experience and qualifications of the surgeon, frequency of the procedures s/he performs in that clinic, post-surgery care that needs to be taken and of course about cost. A reputed clinic will be happy to answer your questions honestly.
  • Ask as many questions as possible – Ask your surgeon as many questions as possible related to the surgery and post-operative care. You can include the questions about the level of care required after surgery, risks involved, available options in case of not obtaining optimal results etc.
  • Ask your surgeon about the surgeries s/he has performed – You can ascertain the confidence of your surgeon by asking this question. You can as well ask for before and after photographs of her/his patients who have undergone the surgery.
  • Check for the variety of surgeries performed at the clinic – A clinic or hospital that carries out a variety of procedures other than just a cosmetic surgery will be having extensive facilities as compared to the one performing only cosmetic surgeries.
  • Your comfort level – You should feel comfortable asking questions about your procedure to your surgeon. This is an important personal decision and should be given due diligence.

Choosing the right plastic surgeon for your cosmetic surgery is crucial. Doing your homework is the key for successful operation with amazing results.


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