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Why Arm lifts are gaining popularity

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Why Arm lifts are gaining popularity

Arm lifts or brachioplasty is the cosmetic surgery in which excess skin from the upper arm is removed. This gives firmer arms with a youthful look. Sometimes, this procedure is also accompanied by liposuction to take off the excess fat in this area.

Who are the candidates for arm lifts – Arm lift surgery is specially meant for the following cases-

Those who have recently shed a lot of weight with the help of exercise, diet or bariatric surgery. Though they have stabilized their weight, the excess skin on their upper arms loses the elasticity. Thus, it cannot be treated by any other means and gives a saggy appearance.

Few women tend to gain considerable weight during their pregnancies. After delivery, they successfully get back to their original weight leaving behind the loose upper arm skin. They opt for arm-lift to get rid of this excess skin.

With age, our skin loses elasticity giving rise to saggy skin on our upper arm area. People want to get rid of the aging signs visible in their upper arms.

Genetically, some people tend to develop bat wings or loose skin on their upper arms.

There are different types of arm-lift procedures like mini arm lift or standard upper arm lift. Your plastic surgeon will help you select the right one depending upon your requirements. Many times, arm-lift procedures are combined with other procedures like breast lift, face lift, neck lift, breast enhancement and abdominoplasty as a complete treatment which makes your entire body noticeably slimmer and younger.

Why arm-lifts are so popular – Statistics shows that there is an increasing rise in arm-lifts surgery in the past decade. Today, arm-lifts procedure is one of the most sought surgeries all over the world. There is not one main reason for the popularity of arm-lifts.

  • Weight consciousness – More and more people are becoming health conscious and are adopting different ways to reduce their weight. Many of them are becoming successful in their weight loss regime. They lose the excess fat. However, the skin on their arms remains saggy and can be treated only with arm lifts.
  • Influenced by the celebrities –There is a trend of using more sleeveless attires with a focus on slimmer upper arms. Women all over the world have become more attentive towards the arms of female superstars and different celebrities. Further, the media is publicizing shapely and slender arms directly or indirectly.

The arm-lift surgery is a blessing for those who have considerable sagging upper arm skin. If you are maintaining a stable weight after your weight loss, are not smoking and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, then arm lift surgery is a way to get back those most cherished toned arms.


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