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Why Prague, Czech Republic for Medical Tourism?

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Why Prague, Czech Republic for Medical Tourism?

Prague has been the most preferred destination for medical tourism as it offers the best surgeons taking great care of their increasing medical tourists. The developments in the medical field have brought a demand for medical treatments overflowing with enthusiasts in the European Nations. Czech’s response to the overwhelming demand for quick and effective health and beauty treatments in economical prices has attracted more medical tourists.

The Czech Republic has seen an average growth in the foreign tourists taking medical treatments in its clinics. Czech clinics have strong demand from foreign women for expert treatment on breast reconstruction surgery and augmentation.

Prague Medical Institute (PMI) was founded in 2002 with a focus of providing the best comprehensive and affordable medical treatments. PMI offers treatments like IVF, surgical and non-surgical health and beauty solutions. PMI has a long experience in this field and the only one in the Czech Republic to have the top experts performing assisted reproduction, plastic surgery, and obesity treatment.

We at PMI guarantee and assure you that you will be in safe hands with our expert doctors and surgeons, we would choose for you. While on medical tourism, patients can choose from the procedures including but not limited to IVF, stem cell treatment, bariatric surgery, gynecological laser and urinary incontinence treatments with our experts. Till now more than thousands of families from foreign countries have taken fertility treatments here. A new law which allows donated sperms and donated eggs to be used for assisted production has proven beneficial for patients and the tourism industry.


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