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The Secret to Keeping the Weight off After Liposuction: A Complete Guide

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The Secret to Keeping the Weight off After Liposuction: A Complete Guide

Now that you have lost almost every extra pound you never wanted with liposuction surgery. But do you know you have to try normal exercises, diet and regular consumption of water in order to maintain that weight off?

Yes. Indeed. Nothing comes easy in life. Keeping weight off after liposuction surgery is one of them.

Many studies across the globe by board-certified plastic surgeons performing liposuction surgery have found that the fat cells removed during the procedure tend to come back after a limited period of time. This doesn’t mean liposuction results are not working for you.

As we mentioned before, you need to take some extra efforts and you will be happy with your non-fat healthy & fit body.

So how do you maintain weight after liposuction?

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So after the surgery, it might happen that the fat can be redistributed in the abdomen and can cause worse damage to health than it did before the surgery.

Here’s you can start.

Adapt to a healthy lifestyle

What’s the most practical way to prevent gaining extra fat? A balanced diet will always help in regulating daily calorie intake and regular physical activities will help the body to convert the stored fats into energy and use it as a fuel.

A healthy lifestyle will help you sustain a fit body which will make you feel fresh at every minute you are active during the day.

Start building muscles

Muscles consume more calories than the rest of your body and hence they are known as calorie burning engines. Power training mixed with aerobic exercises will help you build lean muscle ass together with medium-weight-training.

Muscle building will help your body burn more calories in a limited period of time and efficiently.

Protein-rich food for breakfast

Proteins build muscles. Specifically, amino acids will boost the process. Low-fat proteins help in building lean muscle mass. 

Proteins maintain the natural metabolism of the body and stabilize the blood sugar and energy levels. High protein breakfast early in the morning will help you feel fresh and active throughout the day without gaining additional weight.

Most of the liposuction surgeons will recommend you to adopt a protein-rich diet which will not have harmful fats.

Drink enough water

Water is the answer to every basic body problem. Literally. Consuming enough freshwater will benefit you with a number of advantages after surgery while you are maintaining weight.

  • Water increases the calories your body burning by 24% to 30%
  • Drinking regular water will decrease body mass index and body fat
  • It’s not good but water lowers the appetite

Don’t be desk-bound

Just keep moving. A desk-bound lifestyle is leading more weight gain for you. Don’t let your body sag especially where your fat is stored.

To prevent you from being sedentary, stop sitting for extended times. Standing up and moving legs every 20 to 30 minutes will keep your fat flabs away for sure.

Lower your stress

Do you know what leads to gain more weight? Stress. It promotes your body release cortisol which is basically a hormone which triggers the need to overheat.

Learn to relax. Your body will moderate the cortisol level and prevent the urge to binge eat junk food.

Every time, we give heads up to patients that plastic surgeries like liposuction are not an optional substitute for weight loss.

Although cosmetic surgery is not an alternative to traditional weight loss, it can be an option for patients close to their ideal weight and body shape.

This is why almost every board-certified plastic surgeon emphasises on the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle. Normal exercises and diet will go a long way to maintain a good weight after a liposuction procedure.

As long as good habits are set, the aim of having a better and healthy body is possible in the safest way feasible.

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