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Thinking of Rhinoplasty? Don’t run before you read this!

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Thinking of Rhinoplasty? Don’t run before you read this!

On a daily basis, we get at least 4 inquiries asking for rhinoplasty. Most of the inquiries sound like the clients want to get it done quickly without knowing the facts and figures behind the surgery. We screen them using a few questions and many of them fail miserably answering them because they don’t have any idea about the facts around which we ask them tricky questions.

Our motto at Prague Medical Institute is to provide the right medical treatment to the right candidates including nose shaping surgery. Our plastic surgeons screen the patients on call before they suggest them any kind of plastic surgery hence, we are introducing this write-up to give them a proper idea about the surgery so that they don’t rush into having this procedure.

Here’re a few things people need to know before they consider rhinoplasty:

  1. You would need to take some time off the work

In our Czech practise, we consult patients on a daily basis who consider going back to work after 3 to 4 days of the recovery. We suggest patients that they need at least 8 to 10 days off the work in order to fully recover from the surgery once it’s done. So, they need to plan the schedule an appointment according to their work shifts. By taking the proper time, you will allow yourself to heal in a sophisticated manner.

  1. Not all surgeons are equal

Nose shaping surgery, like any other facial restructuring surgery, needs some serious expertise. You would expect a doctor who will cut open your face and operate in or on your nose should be excellent with his/her skills. Consider having treatment from a plastic surgery that suffices only rhinoplasty skills. At Prague Medical Institute we got you covered. Our specialized doctors have all the necessary qualifications and hands-on experience with the procedure.

  1. Consultation is must

Seeing ‘before & after’ pictures of the rhinoplasty patients is not enough to consider nose reshaping surgery. You really need to go through a deep consultation for what you will be going through. Your after-surgery results need to satisfy you and make you happy as they are going to be with you for lifelong. So, yes, before you directly call any surgeon or clinic to reshape your nose, consider going through a long relaxing talk with expert surgeons. Prague Medical Institute offers a consultation at our Czech facility. 

  1. Seriously consider the symptoms before

Severe pain is indeed rare; most of the patients feel comfortable after the surgery. Some of the prominent symptoms after the surgery are swelling stuffiness and bruising inherent which are likely to last for a week which is normal and bearable.

  1. You may need to visit the clinic after a week or so for a follow-up

On this visit, the surgeon may remove your nasal splint and you might feel a little pain during this procedure. 

So, in order to get the best desirable results that will last longer without hampering your health and daily routine, consult your surgeon beforehand and be assured of the quality treatment. 

Visit www.praguemedicalinstitute.co.uk and avail a free consultation over the call or chat for your rhinoplasty surgery.


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