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Varicose veins in pregnancy – Things you should you know

Varicose veins in pregnancy – Things you should you know

Pregnancy causes blood volume to increase but the rate at which blood flows to your pelvis from your legs decreases. This creates pressure on the veins, which ultimately can be a cause for varicose veins. The enlarged veins which commonly occur in the leg part of your body, sometimes in pregnancy, they can also occur on the vaginal area and buttocks.

When one-way valves don’t function properly, these veins occur on the body. The veins on the mentioned areas would look swollen, twisted and bulged. If they are developed properly, you can see and feel them under your skin.

While varicose veins in pregnancy are a harmless part of the pregnancy, they are better avoided as soon as possible. 

Varicose veins in pregnancy cause usually due to the pressure applied by the uterus to the large vein which carries blood to your feet and legs from your heart.

Why Varicose Veins are so common during the pregnancy?

Increased chances of varicose veins during pregnancy have 3 main reasons:

  1. New blood is produced in the excessive quantity which helps your baby grow.
  2. As the baby grows, your veins are blocked partially as uterus creates pressure on it.
  3. Also, the hormones created due to pregnancy make the walls of your veins softer and affects their functionality.

Are the varicose veins during pregnancy painful?

Varicose veins symptoms are not so painful but as discussed earlier, they must be avoided in time to avoid further complications.

After a few days or months, you might start experiencing bad aches and pains in the areas where you have varicose veins. You might find your legs heavy or restless, and they might burn, throb or cramp. When you start standing for longer, you will experience chronic pain. The symptoms might not feel once you lie down or the pressure on your veins decreased. This is not the common remedy for the pain; you need to visit your gynaecologist or physician in worse situations.

What can I do to prevent these painful veins?

Staying active and keeping your blood circulation well-maintained will be helpful for you in pregnancy. Some particular exercises like calf-raises, or walking will help you get the right amount of blood supply to your legs. 

There’s no definite way to prevent these veins in pregnancy but following a healthy schedule, right diet and lots of water can help you in many ways:

  1. Staying active throughout the day
  2. Taking timely rest and uplifting your legs while sleeping
  3. Avoiding high-heels
  4. Avoiding tight clothes especially tights, jeans which cover your waist or pelvis.

How can I get rid of varicose veins during the pregnancy?

If you start developing varicose veins, they will vanish without any treatment after 3 or 4 months of your delivery. But for a few women, this time could go up to a year or some.

Meanwhile, you can start using compression stockings, getting medications and having massages. These remedies could help you in many ways and hence, no surgeon would recommend you any type of surgery. But, in worst cases, after you consult your gynaecologist or physician, you may undergo surgeries to avoid and remove varicose veins.

Sometimes, the plastic surgeon and varicose experts will advise waiting until you complete 1 year after the delivery. Wait until you see these veins vanishing without any treatment.

There is a difference between stretch marks and varicose veins

The skinny pink or purple lines on the surface of your skin are stretch marks. They mostly occur when the skin stretches and as your delivery progresses. Varicose veins are indeed different as the veins are affected inside your body and not the skin.

Read more about varicose veins during or after the pregnancy here: https://praguemedicalinstitute.co.uk/services/varicose-veins-treatment/



  • Donna
    November 28, 2019 at 7:50 am

    I was suffered from this treatment during my pregnancy and it is very painful. You guys have shared such post which help all the ladies to know more about varicose veins. Thanks for the post!

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