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Things & Facts to Know Before you get your nose job done!

Things & Facts to Know Before you get your nose job done!

Nose Reshaping Surgery

Having any kind of surgery is a serious matter. Not regarding the health risks, there are expert surgeons to handle it. But, regarding your own study and awareness, you need to know things about any surgery you will be having on your body parts. 

Having a rhinoplasty or nose job is a serious thing for you. You need to consult the best rhinoplasty surgeon to avoid complications, get the right treatment and lower the recovery period as possible. 

So rhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery is a basic procedure to correct the flaws which might are ruining the aesthetics of your face, or maybe creating some troubles while breathing or any other functionality.

Mostly, people tend to get the nose job done in order to correct the shape and size of the nose.

But there are a few things you need to know before you directly visit the surgeon and get a consultation. So what are those? 

 The first-ever thing you need to know that any plastic surgery or aesthetic correction surgery, you are doing it for yourself and not to please someone. You should not be pressurized to have something on your face or any other body part just so someone asks for it. You have all the right to deny the pressure.

There are 2 popular types of rhinoplasty available around the world and if you don’t know which surgery suits you better, let the surgeons do their job, they will examine you, your condition and then suggest the best suitable surgery for your nose reshaping needs.


When opting for rhinoplasty, make sure you have cleared your expectations or requirements with your surgeon. This is where, you need to study alone about how before and after results look like, study about the surgeons and their details like qualifications, experience, etc. You also need to know nose job reviews by the particular surgeon. You might also have to think about the costs of nose job surgeries and manage them accordingly. Most of the insurance plans don’t cover nose jobs and you need to confirm it with your insurance provider.

Consider the types of Rhinoplasty

Popularly, there are 2 types of rhinoplasty offered around the world. Rhinoplasty is a safe surgery if you select a qualified and expert surgeon. The closed rhinoplasty and open rhinoplasty have two different methodologies of operation and hence, your surgeon will bet suit you the type of nose job you are willing to have based on your requirements. You can read about these types before visiting the doctor but don’t decide on yourself which surgery you want to have.

You will need to kick some habits

You will have to kick off some bad habits mainly, smoking, sleeping late, poor sleep, unhealthy diet and really need to take care of personal hygiene when it comes to better recovery and faster results.

Risks involved

Bruising, swelling and bleeding after nose surgery are normal and hence, you need to consider these as normal outcomes of the nose job surgery. 

Allow time to heal

Once you are off the OT, you need to consider giving proper time to yourself to heal. The results of rhinoplasty take time, around 2 to 3 months which might fluctuate according to your health.

While these are the basic things we tried to cover in this short topic, there are many other things that your physician will discuss with you in person. 

Remember, it’s always better to discuss this with a certified, qualified and expert nose reshaping surgeon

To know more about how we handle nose reshaping patients at Prague Medical Institute, visit https://praguemedicalinstitute.co.uk/services/plastic-surgery/nose-job-rhinoplasty/.


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