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Your Workout May Show Slow Results on Your Tummy

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Your Workout May Show Slow Results on Your Tummy

Despite uncountable sit-ups, intense workout, regular morning and evening walks, you still are not able to avail the flab-free tummy that you have always desired! If you are facing this condition, then there is only one effective and reliable solution to it, tummy tuck surgery which is also called abdominoplasty.

This is a surgical process of removing extra fat from the tummy to flatten the abdomen and tighten up the muscles and skin within your abdominal wall. Also, the surgery is not the same as liposuction, but you can always opt to do both. It is a major form of surgery, and hence you must have complete information about it before deciding for it.

Both men and women, who are in best of their health, can undertake this surgical procedure. Women who are done with their family planning can go for this surgery, but if you are still planning to have a baby in the future, then it is better to not go for this surgery. Preparing for the tummy tuck procedure is a thoughtful process, and you need to prepare for it by carrying the following options.

Complete Abdominoplasty–During this process, the surgeon will cut the fat from the abdomen to hipbone and then contour the entire skin, muscle, and tissue as needed. The surgery involves moving your belly button, and once the process is completed, you may have to use the drainage tubes beneath your skin until the time your skin is completed.

Mini or Partial Abdominoplasty–This process is mainly done for people who have to face fat deposits stored near the lower abdomen. With this process, the main aim of the surgeon is to remove the fat deposit from the belly button. As compared to complete abdominoplasty, it takes less time, around two hours for the surgery to be completed.

The tummy tuck procedure is an excellent way to get rid of additional fat from your body, but the incision might leave a scar that would fade away with time but would not completely disappear. Also, your health must be in good condition, and you must eat a balanced diet if you wish to avail this treatment. There is a prior abdominoplasty process carried to check the patient’s eligibility for the treatment. Individuals who smoke, drink or are undergoing through serious medical conditions are not considered eligible for the surgery.

The process of a tummy tuck can help individual gain attractive physique and well-toned body shape that reflect their efforts in losing weight. Even individuals gone through bariatric surgery have gone through this process to get rid of additional sagging skin. Also, you can go for arm lift, body lift, thigh lift, and butt lift practices to achieve a body structure that is well-shaped and free from sagging skin. The only thing you need to consider is to go for the tummy tuck surgery from a well-trained surgeon and reputed medical institute to avoid meeting any issues.


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