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Get a Natural & Youthful Appearance with Facial Fat Transfer

Get a Natural & Youthful Appearance with Facial Fat Transfer

The aim of the fat transfer procedure can be listed in three points:

  1. Get a natural look by restoring a keen vibrancy
  2. Reduce complications
  3. Get a long-lasting artistic benefit.

In this write-up, we are trying to let you imagine the approach of the fat transfer process through which, you will be able to get that natural & youthful appearance you have always been wishing for.

With this surgical procedure, people are getting consistent, soft and refreshed look which is a safe and simple procedure and takes very less time out of your tight schedule.

The history of facial fat transfer dates back over a century or so. The first proven case of facial rejuvenation which was raised due to a facial defect because of tuberculous osteitis in 1893.

The fat can be saturated in the jawline, cheekbone, and under the nasolabial folds. With this reconstructive plastic surgery, one can thoroughly change the appearance, sculpting the features to get that youthful look.

Here are multiple fat transfer benefits in details why people go for facial fat transfer surgery

  • Long-lasting results
  • No foreign substance is used in the surgery
  • Multiple parts of the face are treated including cheek, lip and nasolabial folds, eyebrows, sunken temples, smile lines, and forehead lines
  • Own fat is great for outcomes
  • Affordable method
  • Fat is the best source of stem cells in the human body, which supports the growth and development of nearby cells
  • Own fat is good for enhanced health and life of the tissues
  • Glowing skin.

Losing volume is the ageing process. As the body gradually stops the production of collagen, existing collagen also starts to break down. The skin starts looking la and hollow. You don’t need that right? The losing volume also starts to the creation of deep wrinkles, especially the lines from the corners of the nose to the sides of a mouth. Fat transfer to the face provides a natural, safe and long-lasting answer.

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to facial fat transfer. A range of injections is suggested by certified plastic surgeons to rejuvenate the face. Along with the quick enhancement in the volume, the used fat has a rich mix of stem cells and it can promote collagen production with the healthy development of the extra-cellular matrix giving out the best in class results. The patient experiences an immediate improvement in the quality of the skin.


The patient is awake throughout the surgery. Tumescent anaesthesia is used to get done with the liposuction part of the surgery, further, facial nerve blocks are used to anaesthetize the face to transfer the fat.

After Surgery

Depending on the surgeon’s skills and results, there will be a variation of swelling and bruising on the face. Some people might have or not bruising but there will be social downtime for sure. The plastic surgeon will provide you with a supplement which will decrease the swelling.


The injections used during the procedure will make the skin swell, fine lines will appear smoothly, lift the tissues. Sunken areas will look healthier and fuller. The living tissues will also slow down on the ageing process, preventing the development of the wrinkles in younger people.

Why choose a certified plastic surgeon for your facial fat transfer procedure?

You need to choose the experienced and consistent plastic surgeon for your procedure. The surgeon who has delivered extremely pleasant results is always recommended. Together with experience and skills, the surgeon also needs to have new and advanced technology at their facility for your surgery.

At Prague Medical Institute, we have English-Speaking certified surgeons specialized in facial fat transfer procedure on board. To get the insights on how we deliver better results with a chance to explore the beautiful city of Prague, visit this page. 




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