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Arm Lifts PMI

Why Arm lifts are gaining popularity

Arm lifts or brachioplasty is the cosmetic surgery in which excess skin from the upper arm is removed. This gives firmer arms with a youthful look. Sometimes, this procedure is also accompanied by liposuction to take off the excess fat in this area. Who are the...


Get Beach Body Ready

Are you one of those who have tried the traditional methods of exercise and diet to get rid of the body fat deposits but are not satisfied with the results? In that case, liposuction can come handy for you to achieve that perfect figure. This...

Breast Auto Augmentat

What is breast auto-augmentation?

Various factors like pregnancy, heredity, and aging are responsible for causing significant and permanent changes like sagging breasts in women. Cosmetic surgery options including breast lift not only revives the shape but also gives the youthful firmness back to your breast. Additionally, breast enhancement surgery...

Breast Lift Surgery

Does the Breast Size change after Breast Lift?

Women’s breast size alter, there can be significant changes in their youthful firmness and shape over time due to various reasons like pregnancy, breastfeeding, gravity, aging, weight fluctuations, hormonal imbalance or even heredity. Over a period, breast ligaments become weak and slack resulting in loss...


How a Vacation an help you Conceive

For most of the couples, conceiving can be more than a one night magic and could take probably six months on an average. With changes in our lifestyle and work environment, stress is one of the major baby delayers. How does stress affect fertility? Various studies show...

What is IVF

What is IVF?

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization, the procedure in which a woman’s egg is fertilized by the man’s sperm outside the uterus on an IVP Petri dish in the laboratory. This procedure is derived from its roots of Latin called ‘In Glass’. IVF procedure has been...

Why Prague Czech Republic for Medical Tourism

Why Prague, Czech Republic for Medical Tourism?

Prague has been the most preferred destination for medical tourism as it offers the best surgeons taking great care of their increasing medical tourists. The developments in the medical field have brought a demand for medical treatments overflowing with enthusiasts in the European Nations. Czech’s response...

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy Tuck & It’s Cost Procedures

The tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, mainly involves the removal of the excess and unwanted fat from the abdominal portion. This fat has mainly 2 negative effects on the body which includes an increase in the occurrence of various diseases like obesity, hypertension and...

Dr Jan Stanek - PMI

Prague Medical Institute in Association with Dr. Jan Stanek

Prague Medical Institute (PMI) is a leading organization dealing in medical tourism. PMI has top Czech professionals from the fields of cosmetic surgery, assisted reproduction, dental treatments, and obesity treatments. When it comes to plastic surgery, all the doctors from PMI have a minimum of...

Quick Recovery

How to have a quick recovery from a surgery

What a patient looks forward to after every successful surgery is the speedy recovery. Getting well quickly and starting a normal routine is the priority of every individual after getting out of the operation theatre. There are a few tips that can come handy for...


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